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Training and Member Policy

To ensure that our club continues to offer Krav Maga to the highest standard, to maintain a friendly environment that benefits learning and camaraderie, we invite you to read and sign this waiver.  


Krav Maga will give you power and respect. With power comes responsibility. Respect must be given and earned. So, to uphold our responsibility to teach only those deemed suitable for Krav Maga, you must agree to the policy of the club and sign this wavier to become not just a member of the club, but also ambassadors of 123 Krav Maga.


For training:

  1. Wear comfortable clothing; Club T-shirt & Trouser, non-marking soft soul shoes for training e.g. wrestling shoes, no hard sole shoes, jeans or shorts

  2. Get the training gears: Minimum requirement = groin guard, mouth guard, Boxing gloves etc. Recommended = mma gloves, heard guard, trouser, tactical training jacket etc. Everyone is responsible for each other’s safety and to have the right training gears for regular training

  3. Bring water and a small towel to class to keep yourself hydrated and to maintain good hygiene

  4. Make sure you are fuelled up for the training. Don't eat too heavy or come empty stomach to the class

  5. No jewelries, hats, earrings, watch during training. If you would like to have your fitness tracker during cardio session, please ask permission. But during groundwork or grapple, they must be removed. If you damage your fitness tracker during training, we do not hold any responsibility for claim

  6.  Always respect and look after your training partner. Students are expected to have good discipline and good attitude for training.

  7.  You must be willing to learn, respect your training partner and be able to work in co-operation with fellow students

  8. No talking during instructor's demonstration or when instruction is given by the instructor as this could mean that you may miss a vital piece of information that could endanger you or your training partner

  9. Any injuries or issues prior to the class must be notified to the instructor before the start of the session

  10. Mobile phone must be put on silent, unless you expect to take an urgent call, in which case you must notify the instructor before the class

  11. Water breaks will be provided between intervals but, students must not go for drink whenever they want, unless it is justified i.e. emergency

  12. You must notify the instructor before going out for the training area; for toilet breaks or for fresh air during class

  13. Promptly arrive to the classes before the start time as sometimes, we may have more equipment to bring in for training. Students are expected to help out during the set up or set down of the mats or equipment.


Krav Maga is a contact sport, highly physical in nature and sometimes can be mentally demanding too. Any injures or safety concerns occurred during or after the class should be reported to the instructor, so that it can be prevented or adjustments can be made in training for future. If you have medical concerns, you should seek advise from a medical professional before starting or continuing training.


By taking part in our classes you are agreeing to the 123 Krav Maga Club's policy and terms. Remember, you are training self-defence for safety and first training must be safe. It is you responsibility to look after yourself and your training partner, keep training safe and have fun!                                                                                      

I ​                                                                                                    , agree to the policy and terms of 123 Krav Maga. 








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