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Welcome to 123 Krav Maga

  1. Self-defence skills

  2. Martial Skills/Fighting Skills

  3. Fitness (Mental & Physical)

Over the years we've had opportunity to help countless students transform themselves, both physically and mentally. They've got fitter, more confident whilst learning valuable skills. Check our reviews and see what out students have to say.  

Joining 123 Krav Maga is an opportunity to take a break from the mundanity of everyday life and instead, experience a new way to keep fit, stay motivated and learn self-defence skills and techniques that could potentially save your life or your loved ones in a dangerous situation.  


123 Krav Maga is constantly evolving working with professionals and associates around the UK and abroad. Our instructor team have spent hours pressure testing the techniques and travelling abroad with learn new tactics and techniques. If it doesn't work, we don't teach it.

We have a no ego and friendly atmosphere in the classes where our team of instructors and assistant instructors support the need of our students to achieve their goal.

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