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Our Fitness training system Bracknell offers one of most challenging group training programs. We have developed these advanced training programs into vigorous and focused daily routines. Our team of instructors will push you beyond your limit what you might be expecting.


Fitness training is without a doubt for everyone it is not just for muscle-bound men. This specific type of exercise, you work more on the muscles, with weights and resistance bands. One of the best benefits it provides to your body is to control your weight by burning more calories. It helps to boost your stamina. It helps to develop not only strong muscles but strong bones as well, improves blood circulation. And help to eliminate digestive problems.


Recommended by Specialists


Different personal instructors, physicians and nutritionists do recommend weight training to be a part of the everyday workout routine. While doing your work out your muscles respond and you do feel better. Our instructors and Coach have worked tirelessly to develop programs of fitness strength training. We can help you to achieve the goal you have always wanted. Once you get enrolled in our Fitness training system Bracknell you will be amazed how much better your body will function.


Staying Active is Important for Your Health:


Our Fitness training system Bracknell will provide you with the benefits of having an active life and certain level of physical fitness. On the other hand for some people, just a day out at the shopping mall or at the children’s playground can get challenging. This is usually because of less active lifestyle.

Join our program today because staying active is important for your health. We have different programs for different age groups. For usage is not the limit. We encourage you to have a more active life. Contact us today for the details of our program.

  • Our training will get people fit as it involves a lot of cardio, strength and HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training), while also learn a skill to give you a fighting chance to defend yourself should the need arise. If you want to get fit or improve your fitness and learn something that may save your life, 123 Krav Maga is the place to start your journey. 

  • Stay active, meet new people, make new friends, have fun, socialise and most importantly, learn to defend yourself and your family. So, Krav Maga is not just another hobby but, it can be a way of life.


It Helps to Improve Important Life Skills:


Our fitness training will not only improve physical fitness but as well as it will help to build willpower, discipline and determination. When you make exercise a routine you become more disciplined whether it’s your work, school or even relationship.

Age is Not the Limit:


Physical fitness is extremely important for each and every individual. For our team at 123kravmaga age is not the limit. It should be initiated from an early stage. Getting into the routine of being fit and eat healthy will eventually become a way of life. Once you get used to it you can live an active life with reduced risks of diseases.

Role of a Personal Coach or an Instructor


Our instructors at 123kravmaga are the right fitness professionals that you need. The success of fitness depends on your personal instructor. No matter how motivated you are only a personal instructor can take your workouts to the next level.

Our instructors are highly trained and certified. When you join our program our instructors will do a thorough health history review. They will determine the current fitness level and your lifestyle. Not only they will guide you with the exercises but as well as your diet plan and the routine which keeps you fit.

They will set the goals once you enroll in the program. They will design the sequence of the exercise as per the individuals needs. So what is holding you back to get enrolled in our program? Contact us now and let us help you to have a fit and active life.

If are you looking for Fitness training system Bracknell. We offer you best Kravmaga services at affordable price, we are 1st choice for you and your family.

Fitness Training System Bracknell

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