Late founder


 Krzysztof 'Kris' Szczepanski, founder of 123 Krav Maga 

(Nov 7, 1971 –  Sep 14, 2018)

Kris was a very passionate and inspiring instructor. During his 12 years plus experience with the Krav Maga system he was trained by the most qualified instructors in the world such as Master Tomek Adamczyk, Master Eyal Yanilov, Master Zeev Cohen and many more expert level instructors from Poland and Israel. Those of who were lucky to have trained under Kris know how great he was at teaching and demonstration. 

In 2005, Kris began Krav Maga training in Poland under Jacek Walczak, one of the most qualified instructor in the world. Two years later, he started training with UK Krav Maga director Nick Maison.  In 2010, Kris passed his instructor certification, after completing 24 intensive days training (180 hours) and began teaching with Nick Maison. Kris also passed the Kids and Teens Krav Maga instructor course under Master Zeev Cohen. Shortly after, he decided to create his own club - 123 Krav Maga, which is now one of the most professional clubs in South of England. 


Sadly,  on 14th September 2018 Kris passed away after losing his long fight with Cancer. He lost the fight, but he had won the battle. His legacy is now continued by his friends and colleagues... 

"Never Give Up" - Kris