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123 Krav Maga offer's women's self defence classes southwest London. We have expert team that teaches you Safety Procedures, how to make right decision under pressure. No matter what part of the world, violence against woman is quite common throughout the world. The goal of our team is to stop and control the violence against woman. There are different strategies that we teach for Women's self defence classes southwest London.

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We have best and Professional Team

Our team consists of certified and trained instructors. Our team focuses on how to keep the perfect balance between technical instructions and conditioning drills while delivering the sessions. We make sure to deliver our sessions according to the ability of our students. No prior experience is required to start your sessions with us today. Book your trial class now and let us show that you can do it.

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BE Aware

Most of us have the impression that bad things can’t happen until it finally does. Learning self-defence will empower you to avoid and prevent any type of violence which is common against the woman. When you enroll in our Women's self defence classes southwest London, our experienced instructors will work with you as per your needs.  They will teach you the techniques and strategies which will work best for real-life situations. Our courses will teach you how to be more preventive and aware regarding these situations.



Let’s Quit Becoming a Victim

Our courses will empower you and to take safety in your own hands. With the help of our Women's self defence classes, southwest London, you will enable yourself to take action in your own lives. The crime against woman will never stop and will continue to happen, no matter how developed and civilized society might be. We can help you to quit becoming a victim.  When you know how to stop an attack and to defend yourself it will eventually reduce the attacks against the woman.

Women's Self Defence Classes Southwest London

Take Your First Step

There are numbers of cases taking place against women; we are in desperate need of better education of self defence. No matter what type of violence, it is unacceptable. This is something that can happen to anyone anywhere. Our training will make you more confident. You can sign up with our trial class and take your first step towards your safety. Invest in our woman’s self defence course today and secure your present and future.

It’s a Great Exercise


It is a great source of exercise. Our training will not only prepare you for an unfortunate event but it vitalizes your body and mind as well. It helps to improve your reflexes and reactions. There is another perception that you have to be physically strong to start the training NO. It is only based on your determination and willingness.



There are many misconceptions portrayed by several sources that self defence could be unfeminine and not attractive.  There is no such thing that woman empowerment can take away the feminine side of the woman. For us, encouraging woman empowerment and self defence is a striking and beautiful thing. Enroll in our training program today and ignore all the false stories.

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We encourage woman to learn and to train themselves as it will empower you to choose between life and death. Our training provides you with the knowledge and training on how to defend yourself in a situation where the opponent has a weapon. It is a tool that each and every woman should have in their beauty box. So what are you waiting to enroll yourself now in our training program?

123 kravmaga offer's women's self defence classes southwest london. We have expert team that teaches you Safety Procedures, how to make the right decision under pressure.

Women Self Defence Training System


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