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The System of

Krav Maga

“Krav Maga heightens perception and transforms fear into something more productive.” - Imi Lichtenfeld

Self Defence Cycle

Step 1

Recognise threats /danger.

Enhance your Focus and Awareness. Our Bracknell Krav Maga Self-defence classes will help you to become more aware of your surroundings. To broaden your awareness is crucial in life threatening situation. It is one of the most important parts of the program to have the focus and awareness of who and what is around you. 

Step 2


Empower yourself and don't become easy target/victim or proke an escalation to a situation. We teach you Safety Procedures, how to make right decision under pressure. We teach to avoid and prevent possible violence; verbal or physical by remaining calm under pressure and using deescalating tactics.

Step 3

Take action/Engage/Dis-engage.

When all prevention tactics fail, it's now time to take action. No matter how civilised we are there are undeniable cases of violence. At 123 Krav Maga our program will not only teach you the techniques and skills but improve the stamina and the endurance to face a physical altercation. 

"I was immediately taken in by the speed of the movement and the aggressive efficiency of the system." - Pete

Download free ebook

Get your free copy of the ebook "Fighting Stance". Know more about the Krav Maga system, history and how it can help transform you.

Your Body will Work Really Hard

In the initial stages of the classes where you have just started the program, your body will definitely feel the boost. Your body might not be used to these techniques. Once you get used to the Krav Maga program you can achieve what you though was not possible. 

Transfrom yourself with us

Krav Maga is a contact combative system. At some point in your life, you may get into a physical dispute and you can only defend yourself if you are trained for that. Our program will provide you a serious advantage to defend yourself in such real-life situations. For our instructors' consistency is the key, you will learn new lessons every day. We ensure that our students improve in every single session with us.

Krav Maga has physical, mental and social benefits regardless of the age. It’s easy to get started with us. Enrol in the Krav Maga Bracknell program today by booking your consultation call with us. Get fit while learning martial skills and practical self-defence with us.

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