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Success Stories


"Mental preparation for a violent encounter is as important as any physical skill you may possess."

- Susy

"Very welcoming and encouraging and I was made to feel part of the club from day one. I'm learning some good self defence skills and keeping fit at the same time as well as seeing improvements in staying calm and exercising self control in stressful situations. I've made a lot of friends through the club too and always look forward to class and the seminars, there's always a friendly and supportive atmosphere and lots to learn. Taking that first step to join was daunting but it's been great and I'm really glad I did."

- Mike

123 Krav Maga gives you the all round package. Martial Art / Fitness / Confidence Builder all in one. What I love about Sonny and his instructors classes is the creativity to bring what could be a very real the mats. Understanding how to protect yourself and de-escalate a confrontation. How to remain calm and focussed, so you can be ready for anything. Build the confidence in yourself so you can keep pushing forwards.
Incredible for fitness too, get in shape and learn how to defend yourself. Perfect combo!
Finally, they make it fun. Everyone is super friendly and welcoming. Whether your an absolute beginner or have done martial arts before, this has something for you.
See you there.

- Greg

I've been attending Krav Maga classes here for 6 months and my experience has been invaluable. My fitness has increased, my mental health has improved and of course I'm learning a tactical self defence system that could safe my life or those around me. So glad I started!

Grey Brick Wall

Hear what our students have to say

Over the years, we have impacted many lives. It is a pleasure to have captured some of the student's stories in short video interviews. Go through the videos and you may find similar reasons to get started in Krav Maga.

Meet Simon and find out how he got started with us.

See how Adam got in shape for his wedding.

Watch how Becca is now doing things that she thought was not capable of doing.

Find out how Jim started Krav at his 60s and why he still continues training.

Grey Brick Wall

See how Pete's BMI has down and has become a lot calmer under stress. 

Through Krav Maga, Paul found out that his best days are not behind him.

See how Krav Maga gave a purpose to Stefan and helped his confidence.

Find out how Krav Maga has had a massive impact on Lee's life.

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