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If you are looking to take up martial art & Best krav maga classes in London, we have an opportunity to get stronger, fitter more confident in your daily routine. Krav Maga was developed by the Israeli military. It is practical and simple and easy to learn. It comprises of the realistic fight and self defence techniques, from boxing, wrestling, judo, karate and aikido.  Krav Maga is the choice of many because of its focus on real-life situations and great efficiency. 


Anyone can join regardless of the size and the age. In this one of the best skills, you can learn to defend yourself. At 123kravmaga our instructors are trained and certified. We can deliver you the Best Krav Maga London, sessions contact us now.


Our Classes | Krav Maga Classes London


Our expert instructors are qualified and trained to deliver knowledge to their students. To keep their knowledge up-to-date our instructors continuously train and learn new techniques of Krav Maga. Our instructors put great effort to plan and schedule Krav Maga classes London. We enroll our students according to their knowledge no matter it’s the beginner level or might be having the basic knowledge.


We combine Best Krav Maga London techniques with the cardiovascular exercises. Our team tries our best to enhance endurance levels while combining different exercises. We also teach how to use self defence in the state of fatigue.


Our Mission and Goal:


The mission of our is not to promote fighting but to bring in the self defence training for a safer and more secure environment. Our aim is to enable our students capable to defend themselves in a violent situation. Our Krav Maga classes London will teach you how to rely on instinctual movements and how to combat an attack with speed and precision. The training will help you to stay confident and to have quick and prompt reflexes. It is a great way to boost up your confidence when you are aware that you can defend yourself in a real-life situation.


It’s an Excellent Workout:

Training in Krav Maga is without a doubt an excellent workout. The drills and routines that we practice in our sessions are mainly used to stimulate the real-life scenarios. Our Best Krav Maga London techniques teach how to combat an attack when you have to deal with an armed assailant. It is the hand to hand combat techniques which were used by the Israeli military and the security forces. Our chief instructor Sonny at 123 Krav Maga is now carrying out the responsibilities and keeping the legacy alive which was created by our late founder. Our training program will teach those who have a little to no knowledge. When Krav Maga was created for the military and the security forces the techniques and the moves.

Our each and every class is carefully designed and planned. Our each and every class has functional exercise planned along with it. Contact us today and enroll yourself in our Krav Maga classes.

If you are looking to take up martial art & Best krav maga classes in London, we teach you the opportunity to get stronger, fitter more confident.

Best Krav Maga Classes London


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