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Krav Maga (Contact - Combat)

Originally developed by Imi Lichtenfeld in 1948. It derived from a combination of techniques sourced from Boxing, Wrestling, Aikido, Judo, Jujitsu and Karate, along with realistic fight training. It is an enhanced fighting system utilised by the Israeli Military. An extraordinary hand to hand fighting system designed to equip ordinary men and women with the skills to protect themselves quickly and effectively. 

Experienced a situation that has left you feeling vulnerable?

Learn Krav Maga with us, a simple, practical and effective self-defence system that will teach you vital skills and techniques to defend yourself ! 


Our goal is to teach you Safety Procedures, how to make the right decision under stress, giving you the knowledge and the skills that has been pressure-tested and evolved over the years

Looking to shake up your fitness routine?

Our training system will get you fit, and we mean, fighting fit ! It doesn't matter your level of experience or current fitness level. Our classes are suitable for both men and women of all fitness levels. So, it doesn't matter where you start. What matters is that you start and keep going. One step at a time.

Feeling low on your energy and confidence?

Over the years, we have helped many students boost their energy levels and improve their confidence. This has led to them having a better lifestyle and outlook on life. 


Training with us will help you build your confidence, help you become more active and improve your awareness when you are out and about.

Want to meet new people and create new habit?

We have a no-ego zone environment, where like minded people come together to help achieve each other's goals. Make new friends and become part of a growing community. We are a creature of habits. Who we surround ourselves with and what we do repeatedly is who we are becoming..

Get Started


Book a quick telephone consultation to see if we are right fit for each other. Select a time suitable for you to schedule a call.


Come in for a face to face meeting. See the live classes in action. If we are a great fit, we will offer you a spot.


We will help you find the right program to get you started and work with you to help achieve your goals.


"So that one may walk in peace"

Get started with us Today

What students say?


"I have been extremely impressed with the quality of the training, the welcoming atmosphere of the club and the professionalism of the friendly instructors who tailor the training to individual needs"


My fitness is a lot better and I have more confidence in myself. I feel the skills that I have gained has prepared me to be able to handle different situations."


"What I didn’t expect from the class is the community that came with it ... It really does feel like one big Krav family!"

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