Our carefully structured Martial arts Bracknell program is fit for different age groups ranging from 15yrs +. We have variety of classes for adults as well as for teens. It is also a very good choice if you are in search of a self defence class. Our team of instructors at 123kravmaga will help you to find the right level whether you have the knowledge or even beginner. You can contact us anytime and we will take you through our program. We would love to help you if you are in search of martial arts classes.


The instructor and assistant team do not just have experience in Krav Maga, but various different Martial Arts and fighting system such as Boxing, Karate, Tae-Kwondo, Ninjitsu, BJJ, Wrestling, MMA, Wing Chun Kung-Fu, etc. Overall the team at 123KM have over 30 years of experience in Self-Defence and Martial Arts. Chief instructor, Sonny was also a Police Officer with TVP and trained as a Fire Arms officer before coming back to his new role as a chief instructor of the club. His experience has brought many vital changes in the club in how we train and practise our techniques. Thus, 123 KM is constantly seeking to evolve the training system to give the very best to the students no matter their experience levels.  


Your Body will Work Really Hard


In the initial stages of the classes where you have just started the program, your body will definitely feel the boost. In the past, your body might not be used to these techniques. Once you get used to the Martial arts Bracknell program you will not even realize how hard your body can achieve the goals.


Leave all the Preconceptions

When you enroll yourself in the program you should start the class with an open mind. You should leave preconceptions what you might be having in your mind. Our team of instructors at 123kravmaga will teach you all the techniques and which might later be helpful to you when you might need it.


Prepare Yourself with us


Martial art is a self defence sport. At some point in your life, you will get into a physical dispute and you can only defend yourself when you are trained for that. Our program will provide you a serious advantage to defend yourself in such real-life situations. For our instructors' consistency is the key, you will learn new lessons every day. We ensure that our students improve in every single session with us.

Martial art has physical, mental and social benefits regardless of the age. It’s easy to get started with us enroll Martial arts Bracknell program today and book your trial class with us. Get fit while learning martial art with us.

Our Commitment to the Community

Our commitment and goal are to create an exciting environment for our students. In this program, we will improve physical fitness along while building their confidence. Our trained and certified instructors invite you to take advantage of this amazing program. Teach yourself self defence moves and get in the best shape of your life. We provide you with an environment which promotes encouragement and motivation.


By the completion of the program, our instructors will mold you in a confident person who is ready to face any real-life situation. No matter you are a beginner or have some knowledge of martial arts there are opportunities to improve yourself. There is nothing like the peace of mind that a person gets from learning the art of self defence. So what are you waiting for contact us today and enroll yourself in our martial art classes?

Martial Arts Bracknell